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Who Are We

Zicon Trading Corporation (HK) Limited is a turn-key infrastructure project management company in wind, solar-wind,oil & gas, clean water project management, highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, schools and hospitals with a mission to sustain by exemplifying: financial prudence, operational integrity, administrative clarity, and managerial significance

What We Do

Global Project Financing -Mergers & Acquisitions -Growth Strategy -Portfolio Management -Infrastructure Management (Wind,Solar-Wind,Oil & Gas, Clean Water Project Management, Highways, Bridges, Tunnels, Airports, Schools, Hospitals and High Speed Rail etc.,)
Our core teams across are specialized for portfolio's turnkey management specialized in Government Debt Financing for BOT / BOOT based project management under Earned Value Management (EVM) methodology (the project life cycle and consequently manage projects, programs, and portfolios more effectively)

We are operating with a vision towards as widely known that most of the global civilization’s infrastructure is in need of being renewed or replaced for which our mission to endeavor to rejuvenate the vision of global cities and by revitalizing their environmental infrastructure.

Our Services

our vision towards innovative methods and practices

Corporate Finance Advisory with M & A Strategy

Our wealth & asset management practice provides our clients with a deep understanding of – and broad expertise in – their diverse activities, markets and products, to define corporate strategy, build distribution capabilities, develop investment processes, reduce compliance risks and increase organizational effectiveness, ranging from large and complex domestic and cross-border transactions, including public company takeovers, through to smaller private company acquisitions and disposals, our approach is proactive and commercial

Project Finance

A project usually defined as a major productive capital investment ; our lending team validate initially to the cash flows and earnings of an probable economic unit as the source of funds from which a loan will be repaid and to the assets of the ‘economic unit’ as collateral for the loan’ comprising in ‘varied industry’ line such as - oil or mineral development - heavy industry - forestry, agriculture - power generation (wind, solar-wind etc),- transportation, (toll roads, high speed rail, bridges) telecoms - technology, Aviation etc


Securitization & Trade - We raise funds from surplus by facilitating and acquiring instruments (bankable debentures) backed by cash or mortgaged assets or conversion of existing liquid assets like loans, advances and receivables into tradable security reconverting them into fresh assets through capital market operations; thus it separates the credit risk of the assets from the credit risk of the originator, Lower the cost of borrowing for originator as the security is independent of the rating of the corporate securitizing these assets with liquid assets converted into marketable securities and thus provide alternate funding source

 Water - Clean water management

Clean Water Management - we are focused on ways to meet the water quality needs of ecological and human communities by investing in the protection and restoration of the natural systems, our vision towards innovative methods and practices that can achieve clean water goals in a flexible, cost-effective, and ecologically appropriate way. We will be focusing on stimulating demand for water quality improvement across sectors.

Energy- Wind, Solar-Wind, Oil & Gas

We deliver lasting behavior transformation and sustainable value. Our motivated teams of energy experts combine global experience and proprietary approaches and insights to unlock significant value for our clients. our concept is to design a unique funding concept which accommodates the overall project needs in the energy spectrum.

Trade Finance Advisory

Trade finance is going through a revolution. New technologies and development are energizing traditional players, transforming their offerings and pulling trade into new platforms. The radical simplification and cost reduction for large parts of transactions in trade finance, whilst making it more secure and reliable. It keeps an immutable record of all the transactions, back to the originating point of a transaction, also known as the provenance, which is essential in trade finance as it allows financial institutions to review all transaction steps and reduce the risk of fraud.

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